VIDEO: How Land Nav Training Can Sharpen Your Mind and Body

Physical and mental preparedness are both equally important. If you have the knowledge but can’t execute the skill, you won’t go far. The same is true of the opposite.

In this video, Jason Salyer explains one way that he stays in shape and sharpens his skills. By incorporating his land nav knowledge into a ruck workout, he can polish up his pace count application while getting in a good workout and performing a shakedown of his gear.

What’s a pace count, you ask? It’s the number of steps it takes you to cover a predetermined distance. Once you know your individual pace count, you can use that number to determine how far you’ve traveled. This is useful for plotted points during technical land navigation or for simply tracking your progress throughout a hike.

Jason’s example of working out and practicing your skills with your gear and clothing that you would have during an unexpected survival situation is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Also, if you need another reason to watch this informative video, his workout partner Maggie is very cute.

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