VIDEO: The Yucca Plant: A Survival Grocery Store

Some plants are legendary to survivalists for their ability to provide food, materials, or other things in the wild. In this video, Tyler White discusses why the Yucca plant is an excellent example of a grocery store plant.

Yucca plants are excellent sources of hand drill and bow drill materials. The tall flower stalks dry out and stays erect, so using them to make a coal is comparatively easy. The leaves can be processed into fibers that make strong natural cordage. The blooms are a great wild edible meal when cooked. Lastly, the yucca plant contains natural saponins in the roots. These chemicals make an excellent natural soap that even has some antibacterial properties. Varieties of yucca are native to lots of the arid regions of North America.

Some have long wide leaves, while others have shorter, thinner versions. Even if you’re somewhere that doesn’t have yucca naturally, you may still find them in your area. They’ve been used for landscaping for many years, and birds and other animals easily disperse the seeds. Look around old homesites and back roads. You may just find yucca plants where you wouldn’t expect them to grow.

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